We operate worldwide to provide you with high quality services. View our global network.

Together with our highly qualified partners we are able to render our services on a worldwide basis.

We are specialized in a.o. solid fuels, biomass, alternative fuels, metals and minerals. View our service portfolio here. 

Our team operates according to the latest ISO/ASTM/Dutch NEN accreditations and our own quality standards.

Worldwide operations

The key to our success

We have a dedicated and highly qualified team with specialized expertise in inspecting and sampling various products. Our top priorities are quality and precision, which define our team’s work. Their dedication, specialized knowledge, and commitment to excellence ensure that we consistently deliver tailored and high-quality services to our clients.

We prioritize the highest standards of quality and precision in our services by strictly adhering to the latest international ISO, ASTM, and Dutch NEN standards. These standards guide our methodologies and processes, ensuring our clients receive consistently excellent and compliant services across various industries and regions.


Our customer base includes international trading companies and industrial producers from various industries who rely on our wide range of inspection services. This diverse clientele reflects our reputation as a globally respected and reputable inspection company. We’ve earned this trust through our consistent delivery of high-quality, reliable services that meet international standards, making us a trusted partner in the global trade and industry landscape.

We are dedicated to ongoing growth and enhancement of our services, customizing them to meet the specific needs of our customer base. An example of this commitment is our expansion into gas and toxic measurements, a response to the changing demands of our industries. Our approach to expansion is tailored, thorough, and focused on staying at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring we provide comprehensive and specialized solutions. This approach allows us to remain a reliable partner for our clients, addressing their evolving needs effectively.

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