We operate worldwide to provide you with high quality services. View our global network.


Together with our highly qualified partners we are able to render our services on a worldwide basis.


We are specialized in a.o. solid fuels, biomass, alternative fuels, metals and minerals. View our service portfolio here. 


Our team operates according to the latest ISO/ASTM/Dutch NEN accreditations and our own quality standards.

Worldwide operations

The key to our success

We are proud of our dedicated and highly qualified team, specialized with regard to inspection and sampling of the various products. Quality and precision are our top priorities and our team’s specialties.

We execute all of our services in accordance with the most recent International ISO/ASTM/Dutch NEN standards. 


Our customer base consists of a large number of international trading companies and industrial producers/consumers, operating in our service portfolio. Based on this, PSB Inspection is recognized to be an international respected and reputable inspection company. 

OUR SERVICE portfolio

We are continuously expanding and upgrading our service portfolio on a tailor-made basis, in line with the requirements of our customer base. E.g. our most recent expansion is gas/toxid measurements. 

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