About us

The trading in fuels has many different types, each with specific characteristics and challenges. 

Therefore, PSB Inspection has a team of specialists, each specialized with regard to inspection and sampling of the various product flows. Quality and precision are our top priorities and our team’s specialities.

We are happy to serve you as a customer in the world of gas/toxid measurements solid fuels coalcoal-related biomass, alternative fuels, agri-productsmetal  and mineral products. Our team of highly experienced surveyors offer you the highest possible quality services in the field of inspection, sampling, sample preparation and analytical services.  PSB Inspection employees have a broad spectrum of experience in the field of; weight determination of inland vessels, draft surveys of seagoing vessels, gauging, stockpile inspections of coal, temperature controls of stockpiles and coal, biomass, metal and mineral loads and wide inspections of seagoing vessels and inland vessels. After a short turnaround time, you as the client will receive a comprehensive report with our findings.

Personal contact is our top priority. We therefore understand better than anyone that you as a customer want to meet the high standards of the global raw materials market. Hence, we are happy to support you as a customer with our technical experience. We perform all of our activities in accordance with the most recent International Standards ISO and / or ASTM standard. Moreover, we also use our own internal quality procedures.

PSB Inspection is also regularly appointed as Umpire Lab, where samples are received from the loading and unloading port. The judgment and the results as assessed by PSB Inspection are considered binding.